November 21, 2013
President Shelly, Navajo Veterans, Navajo DOJ investigate Kennedy Assassination

Washington, D.C.—President Ben Shelly and former Council Delegate Larry Anderson are leading a delegation of tribal officials and Navajo Veterans to the Library of Congress on a fact finding mission regarding the Kennedy Assassination, which occurred 50 years ago tomorrow.

“We need to find out what really happened at Daley Plaza in 1963. If there was a conspiracy to kill the president, the Navajo people deserve to know.” 

Larry Anderson, representing the Navajo Veterans Association, put it this way.

“We want to know why we fought in Vietnam. What was the blood for? We are looking for answers.”

President Shelly met with Officials at the Library of Congress. A member of the staff told the president that most of the information related to the assassination was already public.

“We have copies of books and movies that are already in the public domain. The Warren Commission report, first published in 1964, is accessible on-line, and the House Select Committee on Assassinations archived most of their materials in the Congressional archive,” the librarian said.  

“I’ve sent the Attorney General (Harrison Tsosie) to interview witnesses who are still alive and who saw the shooting. He and members of his staff are on a fact finding mission in Dallas right now” Shelly said.  

In a startling development, Ben Shelly revealed that his office created a ballistics team to determine if accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, himself killed two days after Kennedy, could have shot the former president.

“We acquired a M91/38 Italian made Carcano rifle, like the one found in the School Book Depository, and have shot a number or rounds through sheep cadavers. Preliminary analyses are contrary to the Warren Commission findings. We have found that a bullet could not have exited Kennedy’s throat and then hit Governor Connally,” Shelly’s Communications Director Erny Zah said in an email exchange.   

In D.C., Ben Shelly proceeded to describe the test.

Two sheep recently killed but not yet butchered were placed in a de-commissioned Navajo Police cruiser with the top sawed off to create similar conditions to the Kennedy assassination. A marksman took the rifle to the top of a water tank and tried to shoot at the sheep from 150 yards away in the time it supposedly took Oswald to kill the president. 

“The first shot went into the dirt. The second shot hit one sheep in the leg, and the third shot we don’t know where it went.”

Upon investigation, the bullet was found still in the sheep’s leg. For President Shelly, this is convincing that the Warren Commission’s report is wrong.

“We then ate the sheep and couldn’t work on this for the rest of the day because we suffered from a food comma. But today we are here to look for answers.”

Ben Shelly plans to release the findings of his Office’s investigation into the Kennedy Assassination online before January.

Harrison Tsosie and his team will return from Dallas next Monday. No one from the Navajo Department of Justice could provide an estimate for when his report will be available.